Final 2 who will win!?!?!?

Season 4, Episode 28
Screen shot 2010-08-13 at 10.25.02 PM
First Aired (CAN) October 25, 2010
First Aired (USA) October 25, 2010
Challenge Do a race with 6 former contestants through all the old film lots!
Reward(s) Winner!!!!
Winner(s) Harold!!!!!!!!
Eliminated DJ
Episode Guide
"Voting Genre?"
"Planes, Trains, and Water-Mobiles (TDR Special)"

Its starts off with the final 2 sleeping then a gas bomb comes in and keeps them knocked out where they wake up on a pirate ship to chefs breakfast. There Chris tells them that they will be doing a huge race through most of the past film lots. He also gets some losers to help them with this huge race! They all go through the past lots getting hurts, passing and winning till finally it comes down to where the winner will be announced!!! Chris sees the winner and announces that................................................................... Harold has won Total Drama Reunion!!!!!! DJ was the biggest floater to ever be in this camp and managed to get second place! That is the end of Season 4!!

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