World Tour 2

Contestants This Season

The fifth season of TDAFan's Camps! Thsi season there are three teams Team Amazon 2, Team Victory and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot This season there will also only be 18 contestants which means 6 people per team. This season is a lot like season 3 but with 4 new people which include Scott, Cameron, Anne Maria, and Blaineley! Which team will come on top? Find out on Total Drama World Tour 2!!!!


~~My TDWT Camp Places~~

18. Noah

17. Tyler

16. Ann Maria

15. trent

14. Cody

13. gwen

12.DJ & Duncan




10. eva



6. Izzy

5. Justin

4. Duncan


Runner up.Darcy

Winner. Scott


Team Amazon 2: Team Captain: heather, leshawna, gwen,courtney, sierra and cody

  • Team Victory: Team Captain: DJ, izzy, ,eva,Sadie,Cameron,Scott and katie

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot: Team Captain: Geoff, Duncan, Tyler, Darcy, Owen, Anne Maria and Justin


1. The Mysterious Pyramid

2.I CAN help Falling In Love In Paris

3. Amazing Amazon

4.Rip the Jack? Or Jack The Ripper!

5.Theres Lots Not To Love About New York!

6. Aftermath: The First Four

7. This Is Anything But Fun!

8. A Newf Scource Of Drama

9. Rapa No-ey

10. Bingo Dingos

11. i hate you

Music In Order from EpisodeEdit

1. Come Fly With Us

2. Love Drunk

3. Over You

4. Jack The Ripper Is Coming For You

5. Whats Not To Love?

6. This is Way 2 Much Fun

7. Sea Shanty

8. Condor

9. l hate you

10. love you

11. shut up and lady