Darcy TDWT

"Watch your back bitch!"

She is the player behind Darcy She is the newest edition to TDAFan4's camp!! She is the biggest fan to the show and did almost anything to be on this show!! she wasn't able to start with the rest of the players because she was in an airplane on the way to New York!! But thankgoodness she is in it now!!:)
Darcy fan

Darcy played by "Sareyamuffinhead"

Evil Villians 2

Darcys team

Darcy What?

Darcy shrug

Darcy Running

Darcy Running

Darcy falling

Darcy Falling

Darcy close

I want the tape

Darcy Climb

Darcy Climbing


Darcy Laughing

Darcy Cross arm

Darcy Angry

Geoff and Darcy kissing

Geoff and Darcy kissing

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