Can Partners Waste a Hidden Immunity?


The Planet of No Return

The Heroes Edit

In Season 4 of Total Drama Reunion, when the teams merged, a few of the original Heroes formed an alliance to counter the Anti-Darcy Alliance. This alliance was secretly began by LeShawna and no one found out until a few eliminations before the merger. LeShawna along with Alejandro and Trent and Owen were the main allaince members..while Izzy and Cody were the atagonists with only 2 backstabbers being Cody and Geoff.


Trent-Crasi4tunes (Co-Leader) - Eliminated



Geoff-Wiixxxproducers (Betrayed) I'm just saying that I voted WITH Alejandro in the final 4.. I mean seriously if I would've been a betrayer I would've voted him out. SO CHILL OUT



Cody-AnTcAmPeRsOnGUY - (Betrayed) Eliminated ....woah guys,you betrayed ME,I didnt betray you!!


  • Alejandro is the last and final TRUE member of the Heroes alliance at the Final 4....
  • Congratulations Alejandro.... FINAL 4!
    Alejandro cool

    The Final hero of the alliance

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