Chris McLean (aka TDAfan4) has been torturing a total of 25 kids for FOUR SEASONS now! So far, his favorite sesaon has been Total Drama World Tour because of how much the arguing is increasing the audience!

Chris' view on...Total Drama ActionEdit

I was very excited for the opening of my first Total Drama camp! It was a very good season! It seemed like thousands of challenges passed by within the first three challenges! I thought the Killer Grips would be the only ones in the merge, but the Teams evened out right before the merge! Courtney's elimination was a shock and not-shock to me....I guess the few people she eliminated really wanted revenge! I was surprised when Justin was chosen to return, as he was eliminated two episodes before! I was somewhat surprised when Duncan took home the million! Once I saw the final 2 I thought Bridgette would win...but....not everything is what it seems.

Most Shocking Event: Too many to chose from....maybe....Justin being in the bottom two SO many times without being eliminated.

Chris' view on...Total Drama IslandEdit

I thought it would start out the same as last season, but I was dissapointed with the amount of people NOT doing the challenges. Then came the surprises! A chain of SIX people quitting! Including past winner Duncan, and past strategist Courtney. Once the quitting crisis was dealt with, it seemed to be a fairly dramatic but okay season. Harold had another alliance....SHOCKING! The only known members were: Tyler and Lindsay. Then, when the merge came, I was surprised specific people were eliminated! But from the merge on, I thought Lindsay would be able to win it all easily! She won it all because of her lightning fast responding!

Most Shocking Event: I have two... 1) Harold making it as far as he did.............2) Courtney and Duncan quit........

Chris' view on...Total Drama World TourEdit

I was thrilled for this season! The submissions filled up withtin the first day I posted the video. From what I was imagining this would be the best Season yet! I was, however, afraid of people quitting like they did last season. That would not be good! The first few eliminations went fine! However, wasn't paying much attention, the whole time I was trying to dig up the dirt and see what was going on in Team Madagascar. Finally, I got an insiders opinion.....this person will remain anonymous..."Team Madagascar is torn into two halves! One half is Harold, DJ, Bridgette, Justin, and Courtney....the other half is Beth, Lindsay, and Izzy"

Chris' view on...Total Drama ReunionEdit

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