TDWT Camp 2: Amazing Amazon
Season 5, Episode 3
First Aired (CAN) November 7, 2011
First Aired (USA) November 7, 2011
Challenge Race to Machu Pihchu without getting captured by Zing Zings
Reward(s) Immunity/ First Class
Winner(s) Team Amazon 2
Eliminated Tyler
Episode Guide
"I CAN help Falling In Love In Paris"
"Rip the Jack? Or Jack The Ripper!"
It starts off with Team Amazon 2 in first class loving it. Next it shows Katie talking about how its her first confessional and a bunch other people talking in confessional about last challenge and drama going on. Then he tells them to buckle seat belts because its a short landing strip. They get out of plane in the

Amazon and Chris tells them there next challenge! There next challenge is to race to Machu Pichu and watch out for the Zing Zings and possibly death! Next it shows Team Amazon 2 at the split between two paths. There Team captain Harold suggested that there team goes half and half. Next it shows Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and they also split up but Geoff, Anne Maria, Darcy and Tyler go right while Owen and Duncan go the left way which was the correct way! The it shows Team Victory and DJ also splits up the team with the majority of them going to right way. Next it shows Geoff, Darcy and Anne Maria arguing on who made them go the wrong way, then the rest of the others that went right caught up to them. Then the Zing Zings come out and trap the contestants. Next DJ is in confessional saying he hopes his plan on the split worked and Heather saying her team better come and save her. Next it shows half of Team Amazon 2 at the top of Machu Pichu saying they were the first ones, but Chris tells them they need there whole team here to win. Next it shows the tied up contestants saying that Team Amazon 2 is coming to save there team. Next Harold is in confessional saying Scott saved Heather, Blaineley saved Katie and that left me with....Izzy! Next While Harold is carrying Izzy she tells him it wasn't her that kissed Noah it was him!! Then the music sign came up so they had to sing! Harold did his solo to "Over You". Next it shows the other two teams running to get second place but Tyler tripped and lost the challenge for Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. Next it shows some confessionals of the members of Team Amazon 2. Next you hear Chris announce that Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is going to elimination for the second time, and it shows Harold sitting on couch with the shadow of Beth in the back! Since Tyler lost them there challenge it wasn't hard to decide who should go home. At the ceremony Tyler for sure though that Anne Maria was going to take the drop but instead was him! That leaves 5 members of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.


Geoff voted Tyler

Darcy voted Tyler

Duncan voted Tyler

Tyler voted Anne Maria

Anne Maria voted Tyler

Owen voted Tyler