1,000 Years BCE (Before Chris Existed)
Season 4, Episode 16
Harold Vs. Justin!
First Aired (CAN) August 21, 2010
First Aired (USA) August 21, 2010
Challenge Make fire, knock your partner off the platform
Reward(s) Hidden Immunity, Individual immunity
Winner(s) LeShawna, Duncan
Eliminated Izzy
Episode Guide
"Fun in the Sun is too Glum! "
"Raiders of the Lost Immunity


My TDR Camp Aftermath 3: War of The Girls"

Cave chris

Caveman Chris

In the beggining it shows Harold having a dream that Beth will be coming back due to minimal screen time. Next it shows DJ in confessional saying he was almost eliminated last time. Next scene it shows Chris in caveman out fit telling them that there genre is obviously caveman genre, he also tells them that since both of the hidden immunitys are gone that whoever wins today gets it. He tells them there first part of the challenge is to look for fire wood, bring it back to place light it and then who ever can do that gets a hidden immunity, and the winner was...LeShawna! Next challenge they have to fight on top if pedistols and hit your opponent in the black tar. They all fought it out till finally the winner was Duncan that one the other immunity. Next scene it show the ADA deciding who they should vote out and they all decide on Izzy. It shows Harold in confessional talking about his Izzy and how he wont vote her out. Next at the ceremony it came down to the bottom two Izzy and DJ. While the final Guilded Chris went to.....DJ. Buh-Bye Izzy.


thumb|300px|right|GoodBye Izzy Tribute

Actor Role
TDAfan4 Chris
TDAfan4 Chef Hatchet
Torterrarulz DJ
Doomrulezall Justin
Wiixxxproducers Geoff
TwistedXNuclear Gwen
Personddue Harold
Crasi4tunes Trent
Yelloweleph Lindsay
Sponges2by4 Owen
TDIfan313 LeShawna
Duncan9876543210 Alejandro
Toonsandwizardsunite Duncan